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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Camper Photos
  3. Cover photo
  4. Description
  5. Camper Title
  6. Moving onto the final stages


Here we will use your beautifully currated photos of your camper, the more effort you have added to these photos the better your camper will appear for potential renters. This is where you can standout from the competition.

Camper Photos

Upload only the best photos of your camper here. You will have to ensure that the photos is less than 16Mb, you can use a free service like to shrink your photos down to size for better results.

Cover photo

Pick your favorite photo for the cover photo


Here you have an oppertunity to truely sell your camper, also use this description to tell Google how to describe your camper. You can use a service like Gammerly to ensure your spelling and grammer is near perfect. Take your time to describe to potential renters exactly what your camper have to offer. Put yourself in their shoes to understand what a potential renter might want to know.

Camper Title

Give your camper a unique name, this is also used for Google search. No need to specify Make and Model in the title as already have this information and provide this to Google to ensure potentials renter have every oppertunity to get to your camper. Pindrop

Moving onto the final stages

goto Step 3