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Looking to rent a caravan or camper.

Can I rent a camper for cross-border trips?

Yes, the owner of the camper you are renting from has the final say, they will then supply you with the necessary documents to make your border crossing quick and easy. will issue you with the insurance letter on request, you can send us an email at [email protected] and we will assist with this process.

Read through this great article by Track4Africa which will guide you on what you will require for cross-border travel. What you need to get through the border - Tracks4Africa Blog

What do I need to rent?

You will need a valid driver’s license for the class of camper you will be renting. And a credit or debit card. will also require you to submit a copy of your Identity Document and Proof of Address for FICA purposes.

How can I pay the R5000 breakage deposit? will send a PayFast payment request to you.

You can pay the deposit in instalments however the full R5000 needs to be paid 7 days before the start of your trip.

Why a copy of my Identity Document

In the case of an Insurance claim, proper identification is required. Cross Border documentation needs to be 100% accurate to ensure a trouble-free transit through the border.

Why a copy of my Drivers License

For trailers with a GVM above 750kg, a Code EB license is a requirement both legally and for Insurance purposes. Code B licenses are sufficient for trailers with a GVM of less than 750kg.

Collection and Delivery

Before collection you will be contacted by the owner and a time scheduled for collection will be arranged by both parties. Some owners offer a delivery service as well as a setup service.

What about the cleaning?

You will receive a clean camper, owners have the option to add a cleaning fee to the rental or waive it. Generally, return a rental the way you would like to receive it.

When should I book my trip?

That depends on the time of the year that you need the camper, during school holidays or not. While our customers book campers for the school holidays up to a year in advance, you will mostly get a camper for a weekend on shorter notice. Also, look for specials. Generally, it’s easier for you to get hold of a camper when you do not rely on travelling during school holidays.

What requirements are mandatory in regards to towing?

The South African law looks without exception at the tare weight of your car, not at your vehicle’s engine capacity. The minimum tare weight must exceed that of the trailer. You will find the tare weight on your license disk on the windscreen. Your vehicle must also be rated for the towing of the respective weight by the car’s manufacturer.

On collection, this remains the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the renter has the correct drivers license (Appropriate Code and that the License has not expired or will not expire during the trip) and that the vehicle used for towing does comply with the Law of South Africa and the destination country. The owner should not release their camper to the renter if this is not in order as no Insurance claim can be submitted if this has not been checked by and the owner of the camper

What driver’s license do I need?

You need an EB, EC, or EC1 license to tow braked trailers legally. If The GVM (Gross vehicle mass) of the trailer is more than 750kg you will need an EB, EC, or EC1 license.

What speed do you recommend?

Always adhere to road speed limits, keep in mind road conditions. We recommend a maximum of 110 km/h on tar and a maximum of 60 to 70 km/h on a gravel road.

What if I get a breakdown? offers 24/7 roadside assistance. Just call our friendly call centre staff on 0860 50 50 50 and select the option for commercial insurance and use 22138 as the policy reference.

Does offer a delivery service to my destination? does not offer a service to tow the camper to your destination however, we have partnered with organizations that do perform this service. However, this is the responsibility of the owner and renter to arrange. Some owners also offer the service to deliver the camper to your destination.

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