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We make sure you only rent to verified users, and every rental is automatically fully insured. You are fully covered for damage, accidents and theft, with KingPrice, a leading insurance provider.

List for FREE in minutes

To start, you will only need some photos and a description of your vehicle. All details can easily be changed at any time and is completely controlled by you.

We help you get bookings

Owners are royalty to us. We’ll give you maximum exposure, guidance, ideas and support throughout your journey to ensure your success.

Register your growing fleet of campers, caravans and motorhomes

Why not make a business out of it? Start small and grow your fleet once you have seen the results. We make it easy to rent and easy to earn, with fast payouts.

With no monthly fees, free registration and only 10%-15% commission on successful bookings, it really is a no-brainer.

All that time that your vehicle stands around unused, is an opportunity for you to earn.

Easily cover annual maintenance costs

Tyres, Registrations and upgrades can be paid for with self earned profits.

Let your vehicle pay for your next holiday.

With it is possible to earn thousands every year. Hassle-free.

Get started with South Africa’s only person to person camping rental platform today.

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